About Us

Know more about Softkey Education.

We take pleasure in introducing our organization Softkey Education Society. Softkey was started in the year 1997 and established with the sole aim of nurturing the budding desire of aspiring students in the field of engineering and management. Softkey is Educational in content, in spirit, Scientific in temper and humanitarian in outlook The motto of softkey is to spread Education to all strata of society and the under privileged ones by making it easy and affordable to any one who has the desire and ambition to come up in life.

SES in a short span of its exsistance created its own fair image due to dedicated efforts and always keeping in mind the benefits of students, which is paid upper most attention. So, at this stage it won’t be an exaggeration to say that we are one of best institutes in specializing in providing guidance and coaching for the different courses conducted by reputed universities. In the present national scenario with the upsurge in economics activity and globalization.

The job market is ripe to absorb thousands if not lacs of individuals. Therefore the young generation must have diplomas & degrees ,even if they are working full time and this can only be possible by distance education.

This can only be possible by distance education earning and learning. SEIL has joined hands with PRIST University to conduct various Educational & Research Programs in the field of Engineering and management. The key features of the SEIL are its focus on emerging markets, its multi-disciplinary character, and the partnership mode in which it runs many of its projects. SEIL has enjoyed excellent visibility in India, it has co operated with national and domestic agencies. We are proud to play a significant role to address the great diversity in social, cultural and economic environments in the world, bringing the best IT solutions relevant to the context in all geographies.